Outlook Amusements, Inc.

Dragulescu Studio

Bobby Dragulescu
Art Director / Lead Designer
Michael Luoung
Project Manager

Psychic Encounters

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Customer Website

The goal of the customer-facing website was to feel instantly intuitive and app-like on a mobile phone for a customer base comprised primarily of technophobic, stay-at-home baby boomers.

Psychic Portal Website

The Psychic Portal is a CMS-driven administration hub for the psychic service providers. The design, while visually tied to the customer-facing product, is stripped down and built for speed and utility. The purple color scheme is a key visual identifier to differentiate the admin website from the product website at a glance.


Wireframe sketches
The initial UI was first developed on paper and on whiteboards as rough wireframe sketches. This allowed us to obtain buy off on the broad strokes of the functionality and layout without investing too much time into creative development.

A few photography-driven moodboards were created in Invision Boards as springboards for what the brand was to become. We knew that the client was interested in an older, affluent, primarily female demographic. The direction that was chosen was a modern take on "mysticism," using big starry skies and rich cosmic colors.

As we hammered out the UI design in Sketch, we felt that it was best to present the website as a functional experience in Invision Prototype so the client could get a feel for the flow and how it all works together.