Cleaned up and looking fly.

Fly Rides is an e-bike rental and tour company that oozes California chill, but their logo was in need of some serious help. The logo makeover concept presented here solves many issues present in the old logo.

While the pose in the old logo is visually arresting, no business would ever condone riding a bike like that. The guy was removed entirely in favor of a single young woman. She still has her board, of course, but now she's holding it safely by her side, creating an additional layer of interest.

The single woman is also easier to identify. The lines were cleaned up and exaggerated for improved legibility at small sizes. Borders and extraneous containers were removed, and the bold magenta color has been reserved exclusively for typography.

For a western audience that reads right to left, the bike is flipped and now moving forward. Her hair blows in the breeze and the spokes have been obscured, in favor of speed lines along the ground.

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