Dragulescu Studio + Valley Relics Museum


Our studio is a proud 818 native, so naturally we're excited to be collaborating with Valley Relics Museum in bringing San Fernando's rich and unique culture to the public.

We fell in love with the museum on our very first visit 3 years ago. We attended a slideshow presentation on "Valleyland" hosted by Charles Phoenix. He was wearing a suit that, like the homemade cakes that were served afterwards, was over the top and bedazzled.

The museum, housed in a small warehouse in Chatsworth, provided the perfect backdrop. Brimming with personal ephemera, BMX bikes, Nudie suits, classic cars, and glimmering old signage, it's kind of like walking into Pee Wee Herman's head if Pee Wee Herman's head was a small warehouse in Chatsworth.

Yours truly with Tommy Gelinas (the tall one) at Valley Relics Museum, Chatsworth.

Yours truly with Tommy Gelinas (the tall one) at Valley Relics Museum, Chatsworth.

It turns out the warehouse was never meant to be the permanent home of Valley Relics, and we now have the honor of helping owner Tommy Gelinas realize the full potential of his amazing artifact collection as they move into a new and improved space. We look forward to finding innovative ways to engage the museumgoer into telling their own San Fernando Valley stories, whether they're locals or just visiting.

Make sure to check this place out before they close for the big relo. They're open on Saturdays and it's absolutely free.

Bobby Dragulescu

With a background in branding, advertising, and themed entertainment, Bobby is the Creative Director, lead designer, and (sometimes) photographer of Dragulescu Studio. He's worked in a variety of mediums, ranging from interactive design for companies like Apple, Magento, and Fandango to theme park signage for Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Animation, and the Thea Award winning NatureQuest exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History.