Dragulescu Studio + Studiofluid


Time flies faster than I care to admit sometimes.

I met Ben Thompson, the man behind Studiofluid, during a small meetup of graphic designers that congregated on a local mailing list we'd both been members of. We've been steadily collaborating on design projects ever since.

Things have changed since then. Both of our families have grown in size, both of our logos have been revamped, and Ben now lives in Colorado where he also co-founded his new company, GitPrime—which measures software engineering productivity. Ben's always been a hard, honest worker and an inspiring creative mind, two things that are pretty rare in this business on their own, much less in one person.

Ben (on the left) and Travis Kimmel, the co-founders of  GitPrime .

Ben (on the left) and Travis Kimmel, the co-founders of GitPrime.

Over the years we've worked on some amazing projects together for folks like AutoAnything, LABite, Credly, the Smithsonian, and the Dallas Museum of Art. I wasn't exactly sure how long we've been working together, but to me it felt like we were coming up on the 5-year anniversary, so I started planning out this blog post as a sort of mile marker. Turns out I missed it by long shot, it's been nearly 7. Time flies.

Here's to many more years, and more forgotten anniversaries.

Bobby Dragulescu

With a background in branding, advertising, and themed entertainment, Bobby is the Creative Director, lead designer, and (sometimes) photographer of Dragulescu Studio. He's worked in a variety of mediums, ranging from interactive design for companies like Apple, Magento, and Fandango to theme park signage for Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Animation, and the Thea Award winning NatureQuest exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History.